The Churchyard of St Cadoc’s Church, Llangattock-Vibon-Avel, NP25 5NQ

The closed part of the Churchyard includes the graves of the Rolls family. The common parts of the burial ground are maintained by the Community Council.  A plan of the graves can be found here. The Clerk of the Council is the Appointed Officer to the Burial Authority and should be contacted about matters arising.

Burials are confined to cremated remains for which there is a cost of £109.50 exclusive of any other service.  Registration and upkeep of records costs £13. Additional inscription on any existing monument is charged at £38.

Enquiries about burials in the open portion of the churchyard at St Cadoc’s should be directed to Rev David McGladdery 01600 715941.

The War Memorial at St Cadoc’s Church, Llangattock-Vibon-Avel

This memorial was unveiled at a service at 2.30pm on Thursday 20th November 1919 and is a marble cross resting on 3 steps with the inscriptions upon the base. The dedication and address were given by Lord Treowen and the Last Post was sounded.

The inscription lists 13 of the fallen from WWI. The Rev. Canon Simon Guest has researched the history of those men and has kindly let us make that available for you here.

In about March 1920, the War Memorial, “the approaches thereto” including the pathway leading to it from the Church porch was given to the Council by Lady Shelley Rolls.

Following the Second World War, three further names were added under the words “Their Name Liveth Evermore”: Private Guy P. Biggs (Aus. Imperial Forces), Gds George Pugh (Welsh Guards) and Gunner Frank Williams (Royal Artillery).

The War Memorial at Skenfrith

The memorial, which is located on the roadside just south of the castle between the main street and the bridge, was constructed after the First World War. It carries the names of 9 men of Skenfrith who gave their lives (5 of them officers, of whom 3 had served in the RAF including a Captain R.Thomas, Croix de Guerre) The panels on the east and west sides name “those who served and returned” (20 on the west side, 22 on the east). The panel on the rear commemorates World War II, listing only 3 names.  Prior to the Remembrance Day service in 2015 and in the interests of preserving their legibility, the names of the fallen were repeated on a piece of slate mounted on the memorial.

A set of Antique Handbells

The Council also owns a set of 12 Mears/Whitechapel handbells (a major scale from G to D).  They were given by the Rolls family to the community in Llangattock.  They were looked after in the Hendre for many years and were made available again for use in 2014 at the St Cadoc’s carol service.  Any enquiries about the bells should be addressed to The Clerk.

Newcastle Village Green (VG25)

Approx. 0.25 acres in front of what used to be the Wellington Inn and the village school is in the ownership of the Council. This is with the exception of the highways that cross it (C 20-3 and C20-6).

Llanfaenor Village Green (VG24)

Approx. 0.3 acres, including the well and pump, is in the ownership of the Council.

The water trough at Maypole.

Old Norton School Bell.

The Seven Notice Boards:

Hendre, Newcastle, Cross Ash, Skenfrith, Maypole, Rockfield (2).

Various current and historical documents.

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