Solar panel plans and Cross Ash Under 5s under discussion at this week's meeting

At the meeting of 6th February, councillors met to discuss a number of matters on the agenda.
One of the items up for discussion was a plea for help from Cross Ash Under 5s group. They are based in a specially converted room at Cross Ash Hall and are a charitable organisation "running on a very tight budget". Organised by a volunteer parental group, they rely on fundraising activities to keep them going and are finding it increasingly difficult to meet their running costs and asked the community council for help.
Councillors agreed that the group provide a valuable service to the community and agreed provisionally to gift them £100 to help them meet expenses. It was mentioned that sight of their accounts may help councillors decide whether this was sufficient or a further donation would be prudent.
Plans on the table this week was a solar array at old Llangattock Farm, DM/ 2019/ 00064.
The array is to have a footprint of 3m x 13m, with the top back edge at 2.5m high and the front top edge to be 0.5m high - the panels are tilted at an angle of 35 degrees to the horizontal giving a sloping surface. To be sighted parallel to and 2m away from the boundary fence. The array would be about 50m from the boundary with the highway.
A new road access was being considered.  Llangattock ward councillors were looking into whether to recommend approval or refusal.
The provision of houses was discussed at Cross Ash with the focus on the old garage site (pictured) under the ownership of Steve Martin.

 Cross ash 0330A request was read out from the landowner looking to the council to support him in what is proving to be a difficult and expensive plot of land to convert into a site for houses. The underground storage tanks from the former garage pose an extra burden on the cost of making the site suitable for homes.
Councillor Lane has been looking into the provision of affordable homes in the Cross Ash area, with a number of sites on the radar, but none so far have been deemed appropriate or available. 
Picture copyright Henry Pugh

The next meeting will be on 6th March at 8pm at Hilston Park. The meeting closed at 9pm.