New travel planner in development stages

A NEW travel planner for journeys is being aired by Monmouthshire County Council. Zipabout intends to build up a picture of the needs of residents in planning journeys.
They are developing an innovative platform that brings together journey planning enquiries to understand the sorts of journeys people are wanting to take and how they want to travel. Over time, they say, this will start to produce a good picture of travel needs and levels of demand within the county. The longer term idea is that this insight can show where services could be refined (e.g. departure / arrival times tweaked) or where there may be sufficient demand for new services (e.g. on demand services into railway stations from surrounding catchments). The journey planner, in time, will also be able to provide disruption information (e.g. advising if the bus is delayed) and in-journey assistance to help people through their journey.
The journey planner offers the chance for people to register and log in (this is so people can receive the in-journey support options that are planned). However, people can use the journey planner without registering. Users can test journeys either by clicking on the map or by typing in their start/finish points in the journey planner form. Testing and trialling the journey planner is a vital part of understanding what works and how both the technology and travel services can be improved to meet the needs of communities.
The journey planner can be found here:

Give it a go, and if you would like to take a short survey (about 5 minutes - make a cup of tea), let them know what you think. Be nice.
The survey can be found here: