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This page is intended to carry details of matters of current local interest and also any contributions about our local heritage as to local place-names, images. writing or first-hand accounts of how things used to be in our area.

Do please encourage any living locally, particularly those who are older to give us snippets of what they remember about living or working here: their memories may otherwise be lost. Many will not otherwise know how this area used to be, why places have certain names, what local events there used to be.

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Local Books

The History of Hilston Park

by Pamela Pugh

The definitive history of this Victorian Palladian-style manor house is now available, with illustrations, maps and photographs, documenting the site from from the first mention of a dwelling on the site in 1293, up to present times.

From the time of the Catholic Needham family in the 1660s to the last private resident in the late 1940s, the estate has seen many changes and influenced much of the local history of the parishes of St. Maughans, Skenfrith and Llangattock-Vibon-Avel.

Read about the turmoil of Owain Glyndwr's great rebellion and the swashbuckling general who shaped the history of the building and helped found the first education system for the area. Included are the local newspaper reports on the fire that consumed the building in 1836 and the story of the secret connection with the Jacobite Rebellion.

Other sections include the history of the local Catholic church, now demolished, the tower on the hill, once a favourite picnic spot for the residents, and rare pictures of the Rangers, Guides and Brownies groups that met there.

And, as the last of the memories of this once great estate pass into history, read the accounts of the life and times at Hilston Park, recollections of the evacuees of the Second World War who were billeted there, and of life at Hilston Park as seen through the eyes of the staff who worked there.


Find out about the farms and cottages that made up this once 3,000-acre estate as you read of the auctions and sales that led to the acquisition by the local authority.

The final section includes present-day photographs and accounts from the people who work there now and who helped shape the building into the centre that so many know today.

Go to www.hilstonpark.co.uk for more information



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